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G-1 Mini-Reunion in Santa Fe - April 2017

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Planning for our 60th Reunion in April 2020

Our Reunion Co-Chairmen


John Denton (johnrdenton@me.com

Dick Healy (dhealy60@comcast.net)

We are happy to share with you the news that the Academy has locked in the 25th of April, 2020, as Retiree Appreciation Day for that year. That, in turn, means the official dates for our sixtieth will be from Thursday, 23 April, until Sunday, 26 April 2020. Please note those dates on your long-term planning calendars.

Details to follow!

Class of 2020 Marchback
August 8, 2016

Roy O'Connor, John Denton, Dick Healy, Les Beavers, Bob Totten and Chuck Schrankel at the Ski Slope waiting for John Sherden. (Red Seaward missing)


John Denton, Chuck Schrankel, Roy O'Connor, Red Seaward, Dick Healy, Les Beavers  and Bob Totten in Eisenhower Hall after the Marchback. (John Sherden missing)

Support Parkinson’s Disease Research


A month or so ago an early onset Parkinson’s Disease sufferer suggested to Ed Handler’s company, The Bronx Project, that they launch a crowd funding campaign to raise awareness and funds for their drug known as “C3”.


As noted in the “Healh Issues” section of the Class of 1960 web site, our class has already seen several classmates succumb to this dreaded disease.


A widow of a retired USAF F-18 pilot had heard about Ed’s company’s research and sent a donation of $100 in 2015 in her husband’s memory, indicating that there were indeed folks out there interested in the company’s progress.


More recently The Cure Parkinson’s Trust June newsletter sets out exactly the scientific approach that Ed’s company is pursuing. Ed’s company will soon be submitting materials, at their suggestion, to request a major grant to support continuation of this research. See https://www.cureparkinsons.org.uk/oxidative-stress-and-parkinsons.


If you’re willing help fund this research, go to https://www.gofundme.com/2f3df5tg.


Veterans Day 2015

Sam Kouns writes that Jim Johnson gave the Keynote Address this year at Vero Beach.  With about 1200 people in attendance, Jim gave an inspirational talk on Patriotism and Taking Care of Soldiers.  Sam was the Master of Ceremonies.  Also in attendance was Hank Maloney, up from Port St. Lucie.

As it was all across America in cities and towns, Veterans Day was also celebrated in Alexandria, VA.  Although the ceremony honored all of those who served, special recognition was given, as it is also on Memorial Day, to the 67 Alexandrians killed or missing in action in Vietnam. The ceremony took place at the Rocky Versace Plaza;  Rocky (USMA 59), one of those 67, was posthumously  awarded the Medal of Honor in 2002 for his heroic actions while a POW until his Viet Cong captors executed him on 26 September 1965. Traditionally, a section of Nick Rowe's book, Five Years to Freedom, that speaks eloquently to Rocky's courage, bravery, and patriotism, is read aloud to all those in attendance.


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