USMA 1960                 A-2 Mini Reunions

Company A-2 Mini Reunion - Oct 11-14 2007 - Monterey, CA

L-R: Strasbourger, Jordan, Willauer, Manlongat, Perkins,
        Hopper,Barone, Belroy, Laurence, Marmon, Andrews

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Company A-2 Mini Reunion - Sep 17-19 - Newport, RI

A-2 ’60 held a mini-reunion from September 17 through September 19, 2004, at Newport, RI.  Attending were Ray and Barbara Andrews, Bill and Emily Bailey, Alex Belroy, Erc and Vi Barone, Fred and Linda Faery, Keith and Bobbie Garner, Jim and Kim Hopper, Herm and Phyllis Marmon, and John and Pam Willauer.  Ted and Rene Bierman (H-2), who live in the Newport area, also attended.

Activities included a sailboat tour of the area aboard the Sight Sailer and the Twilight and dinner at the Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant on Friday, a tour of the Navy War College Museum and dinner at the Atlantic Bay Club on Saturday, and brunch at Crowley’s La Forge Casino, a visit to the Newport International Boat Show, and dinner at Mama Luisa’s Italian Restaurant, on Sunday.

We had scheduled a visit to a polo match, followed by an Argentina-style barbeque; however, “Ivan” decided to pay us a visit and rained out those two events so we substituted the visit to the Navy War College and dinner at the restaurant.

We were especially glad to see the Baileys and Alex Belroy, as this was the first “mini” they had attended.  Alex brought his friend, Dr. George Jaeger, a former colleague, with whom he taught.

We all resolved to attend the 45th Reunion in 2005!

Beat Navy!

Courtesy of Keith Garner