USMA 1960                 E-2 Mini Reunions

  The Company E-2 members of the Class of ’60 have held 4 “mini” reunions since October of 1998.  We have visited Maine, South Dakota, Washington State and, most recently, Charleston, SC.  The pictures contained on this website were taken in October, during the week of the Charleston gathering. We hope you enjoy them. Some of us have “weathered” a bit, so names are included on most of the photos for positive ID purposes. 

The Charleston participants were: Jerry & Suzi Witherspoon, Steve & Carol Scott, Larry & Lois Struck, Pat & Nancy O’Donnell, George & Denise McQuillen, Don & Pat Lewis, Mike & Grace Gilmartin, Nicole Garton, Jim & Sharon DeMent, Bob & Fran Davidson, Chuck & Katie Collins and Phil & Dottie Chappell.  We stayed in two incredible leased beach homes on the Isle of Palms, located just north and east of the city of Charleston.  In addition to the 7 days spent in “catching up” on the lives and times of each other, individual “day trips” and beachcombing, we devoted parts of several days and evenings to “group” activities.  These included visiting various Charleston city historical sites, including Fort Sumter, 3 days of great golfing, a tour and luncheon on the USS Yorktown, an escorted tour of The Citadel and their very interesting museum, dinner at a superb restaurant (82 Queen street) in Old Charleston, and a catered “Frogmore Stew” “picnic” dinner on the beach of historic Morris Island, site of the Civil War battle depicted in the movie “Glory” a few years ago. 

We have had some wonderful times and experiences at each of the four “mini” locations.  Most of all, we have strengthened the bonds of friendship which our mutual experiences created over forty years ago.  We encourage any of you who have had thoughts of setting up a “mini” reunion for your Company-mates to do so.  These gatherings have provided some of the best and most memorable experiences of the past 4 years.  They don’t have to be a week long…some of ours have been only 3 or 4 days, but they were all exceptional times!  Go for it!!  And….

 “Go Like ‘60”

Pat O'Donnell

P.S. There are 15 pictures on this website.  Scroll right or left in the thumbnail photos to view them all.  If any member of the Class would like to view the entire album (73 pictures) of the Charleston gathering, email Pat ( and he'll send you some info and have the appropriate access "link" sent from the photo viewing website.