USMA 1960                 L-1 Mini Reunions
L-1 Mini-Reunion - September 2007

The photos below are from the September 13-16 L-1 mini-reunion.  Beverly and I hosted the event in Santa Fe.  Great success!

John Young

Spouses: Beverly Young, Betsy Rollins, Janet Gerenz, Ginger Darling,
Nancy Griffis, Emily Cato, Joyce Jones, Tommie Fairweather

Griffis, Rollins, Crump, Jones, Gerenz, Plummer, Darling, Cato, Young, Fairweather, Wilkes, Chamberlain

L-1 Mini-Reunion - November 2002

The classmates from L-1 were lucky enough to schedule a mini-reunion in New Orleans from November 14-17, 2002 and see Army beat Tulane. In the picture, from left-to-right standing in New Orleans' D-day Museum, you see Bill Chamberlain, Chuck Mandelbaum, Lyle Jones, Ralph Gerenz, John Young, Dean Darling, Bud Griffis, and Fred Plummer. We had a great time just being with other, enjoyed a pair of nice dinners, and found out that if you sit eight classmates, with dates, in a bar they still make noise like a bunch of young kids.