Time has a way of passing quickly, and a downside of aging is the illnesses that accompany the process.  The basic intent of this health section is to provide a point of contact within the class to discuss health issues we share.  Whatever the malady, another of us is in the same or a very similar fight.  By sharing experiences and knowledge we can find both comfort in companionship and help in understanding options available.  In no way do we interrupt the patient/doctor relationship, but hope to add to that discussion with ideas and knowledge from new sources.

This forum began with a focus on prostate issues.  Because of the numbers of us diagnosed with prostate cancer (PC) and/or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH – enlarged prostate) it will remain a subject of central focus.  As volunteers step forward, we will offer a point of contact for other health issues.  As mentioned, each listing will provide a point of contact for information sharing.  The POC’s function is to provide a means for discussion and to stay on top pertinent information related to his subject.  The means may be elaborate as a listserv (e.g., the PC Forum), or as simple as a list of email addresses.  The listing will show a letter of introduction and other relevant documentation provided by the POC. 

Another essential function is the need for periodic review.  New research has a way of trumping old ideas, sometimes very quickly.