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A-2 Mini-Reunion
Chicago 5-8 October 2017
Grads: Marmon, Ludovici, Blitch, Barone, Willauer, Laurence, Andrews, Strasbourger, Perkins    Grads: Willauer, Perkins, Blitch, Ludovici, Andrews, Strasbourger, Marmon, Laurence, Barone 

Two Funerals/Interments at West Point
4 October 2017
 Remembering the lives and loves of Harry White & Mark Lowrey

Attending Classmates: Denton, Svobota, Baker, Hidalgo, Otstott, Osborne,
Handler, Jezior,Griffis,Crosby, Totten, O'Connell (not shown: O'Malley & Burden)


Planning for our 60th Reunion in April 2020

Our Reunion Co-Chairmen


John Denton (johnrdenton@me.com

Dick Healy (dhealy60@comcast.net)

We are happy to share with you the news that the Academy has locked in the 25th of April, 2020, as Retiree Appreciation Day for that year. That, in turn, means the official dates for our sixtieth will be from Thursday, 23 April, until Sunday, 26 April 2020. Please note those dates on your long-term planning calendars.

Details to follow!

Our 60@60 Class Gift

Jim O'Connell and Bill Willoughby have stepped up to the plate to solicit intputs from the class regarding the form of a class gift to be presented to West Point at our 60th reunion. Through this gift we'll have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on future members of the Long Gray Line.

At this point there appears to be a consensus the the Class of 1960 would prefer to leave a virtual gift, as opposed to a brick and mortar gift.  Jim and Bill are in the process of developing a short list of possible gifts which will sent to all classmates to see which (one or more) might be supported.  In the meantime, all classmatess are encouraged to consider giving what they can to the Class of 1960 Gift Fund.  Click here to review a variety of ways to give.

Class of 2021 Marchback,  14 August 2017


John Sherden, Dick Healy, Bob Totten, John Berti, Chuck Schrankel &
John Denton  participated in this year's Marchback.  A great time was had by all.


John Denton with Harry Flannery '21, Pat Flannery's grandson and
John Sherden with Rivers Hinson '21 at Camp Buckner.

To see a 9 minute video of the Marchback, click here!


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